Government of Canada

This page is to share some mobility data available through the federal departments of Transport and Statistics Canada.

Open Data Portals

Statistics and Data - Transport Canada

This web portal offers a variety of datasets from Transport Canada including Canadian motor vehicle collision statistics and other road safety-related data.

National Collision Database Online

This web portal offers a subset of Transport Canada National Collision Database (NCDB) – a database containing all police-reported motor vehicle collisions on public roads in Canada. Selected variables (data attributes) relating to fatal and injury collisions from 1999 to the most recent available data are now accessible through NCDB Online. With NCDB Online you select years, your variables of interest, and measures (counts). A table is produced that can be viewed, printed or downloaded.

Canada's Open Government Portal

Explore the Government of Canada’s geospatial data and create customized maps. This portal offers a variety of datasets, including transport-related data, from Canada's Open Government Portal.

Canadian Centre on Transportation Data

The Canadian Centre on Transportation Data brings together the Statistics Canada tourism program and its travel surveys with the transportation program and its emphasis on industry-based statistics. Both programs deliver many key products essential for policy, regulation and research.