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  • Apollo Open Data Platform

    Apollo Open Data has Annotation data and Demonstration data on Video, LiDAR, vehicle data, and bounding boxes. Each data category here consists of Laser Point Cloud Obstacle...
  • York Roads

    A representation of York Region's road network centreline featuring address ranges and street names, along with other attribute information for all elements of the road network.
  • Toronto Centreline

    The Toronto Centreline is a data set of linear features representing streets, walkways, rivers, railways, highways and administrative boundaries within the City of Toronto. Each...
  • Road Edges

    A linear feature class representing the edge of roadways within the municipal boundaries of the City of London as identified through aerial imagery.
  • Hamilton Street Centreline

    Street network in Hamilton, including bridges and tunnels. Represents the centreline of the street.
  • City of Hamilton Road Condition Ratings

    Map of the City of Hamilton's pavement inspection in 2019.