Intersection Metrics

The Intersection Metrics dataset provides many insightful metrics for intersections with traffic control signals. Metrics such as the average wait time from the first, in a series of stops made while waiting in line at a traffic light; and the percentage of vehicles with at least one stop before passing through the intersection are just a few of the statistics available in the Intersection Metrics dataset. All data is organized by direction of travel, hour of day, and weekend or weekday.

There are many use cases for these metrics in municipalities and regional authorities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and fleet management.

Possible use cases include:

  • A city can use the data to analyze congestion and light timing issues at scale across the region, and evaluate for impact or potential impact of infrastructure changes.
  • NGOs can use the data as part of research into emissions and pollution.
  • Fleet managers can use the information on traffic congestion at intersections as a factor to support optimal routing decisions.

The sample dataset released is for the city of Oakville, located in Ontario, Canada. These metrics are calculated from aggregated GPS data generated from vehicles equipped with Geotab GO device.

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