Vehicle Collisions in NYC 2015-2016 Dataset

The motor vehicle collision database includes the date and time, location (as borough, street names, zip code and latitude and longitude coordinates), injuries and fatalities, vehicle number and types, and related factors for all 65,500 collisions in New York City during 2015 and 2016.

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Additional Info

Field Value
Source NYC OpenData
Maintainer NYC OpenData
Version 2.0
Collection Period 2015, 2016
Geographical Area New York City
Number of Instances 477,733
Package Description Attributes: Unique Key, Data, Time, Borough, Zip Code, Latitude, Longitude, Location, On Street Name, Cross Street Name, Off Street Name, Persons Injured, Persons Killed, Pedestrians Injured, Pedestrians Killed, Cyclists Injured, Cyclists Killed, Motorists Injured, Motorists Killed, Vehicle Type, Vehicle Factor
Dataset has missing values False