Statlog (Vehicle Silhouettes) Dataset

The purpose is to classify a given silhouette as one of four types of vehicle, using a set of features extracted from the silhouette. The vehicle may be viewed from one of many different angles. This dataset comes from the Turing Institute, Glasgow, Scotland.

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Additional Info

Field Value
Source Drs. Pete Mowforth and Barry Shepherd, Turing Institute
Maintainer Alistair Sutherland
Associated Tasks Classification
Collection Period 1986-87
Number of Instances 946
Package Description Attributes: COMPACTNESS (average perim)**2/area, CIRCULARITY (average radius)**2/area, DISTANCE CIRCULARITY area/(av.distance from border)**2, RADIUS RATIO (max.rad-min.rad)/av.radius, PR.AXIS ASPECT RATIO (minor axis)/(major axis), MAX.LENGTH ASPECT RATIO (length perp. max length)/(max length), SCATTER RATIO (inertia about minor axis)/(inertia about major axis), ELONGATEDNESS area/(shrink width)**2, PR.AXIS RECTANGULARITY area/(pr.axis length*pr.axis width), MAX.LENGTH RECTANGULARITY area/(max.length*length perp. to this), SCALED VARIANCE (2nd order moment about minor axis)/area ALONG MAJOR AXIS, SCALED VARIANCE (2nd order moment about major axis)/area ALONG MINOR AXIS, SCALED RADIUS OF GYRATION (mavar+mivar)/area, SKEWNESS ABOUT (3rd order moment about major axis)/sigma_min**3 MAJOR AXIS, SKEWNESS ABOUT (3rd order moment about minor axis)/sigma_maj**3 MINOR AXIS, KURTOSIS ABOUT (4th order moment about major axis)/sigma_min**4 MINOR AXIS, KURTOSIS ABOUT (4th order moment about minor axis)/sigma_maj**4 MAJOR AXIS, HOLLOWS RATIO (area of hollows)/(area of bounding polygon), Where sigma_maj**2 is the variance along the major axis and sigma_min**2 is the variance along the minor axis, and area of hollows= area of bounding poly-area of object. The area of the bounding polygon is found as a side result of the computation to find the maximum length. Each individual length computation yields a pair of calipers to the object orientated at every 5 degrees. The object is propagated into an image containing the union of these calipers to obtain an image of the bounding polygon. NUMBER OF CLASSES: 4 OPEL, SAAB, BUS, VAN.
Dataset has missing values False