Road Impediments

The Road Impediments dataset uses the on-board accelerometer located within Geotab’s telematics GO devices to help identify potential road impediments. Geotab refines this data to remove anomalies and outliers from the published dataset. Z-axis (up/down) accelerometer activity from the previous month is then aggregated to the 8-character geohash level (40 m x 20 m).

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Field Value
Maintainer Geotab
Number of Instances N/A, Continuous feed
Package Description Geohash, GeohashBounds, Latitude_SW, Longitude_SW, Latitude_NE, Longitude_NE, Location, Latitude, Longitude, City, County, State, Country, ISO_3166_2, AvgAcceleration, PercentOfVehicles, PercentCar, PercentMPV, PercentLDT, PercentMDT, PercentHDT, PercentOther, UpdateDate, Version
Number of Attributes 24
Dataset has missing values False