NuScenes Dataset

The nuScenes dataset is a public large-scale dataset for autonomous driving developed by the team at Motional (formerly nuTonomy). Motional is making driverless vehicles a safe, reliable, and accessible reality. By releasing a subset of our data to the public, Motional aims to support public research into computer vision and autonomous driving.

The nuScenes data was captured using a combination of six cameras, one lidar, five radars, GPS, and an inertial measurement sensor. The dataset includes 1.4 million camera images, 400,000 LIDAR sweeps, 1.3 million radar sweeps and 1.1 million object bounding boxes in 40k keyframes.

The dataset is free to use for non-commercial use. For a commercial license contact

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Additional Info

Field Value
Source nuScenes
Maintainer NuScenes
Associated Tasks Image Parsing and Recognition, Object Detection and Tracking
Geographical Area Boston (Seaport area), Singapore (Queenstown, One North, Holland Village areas)
Number of Instances 1.4M camera images, 390k LIDAR sweeps, 1.4M RADAR sweeps and 1.4M object bounding boxes in 40k keyframes
Package Description Annotated images with bounding boxes, LIDAR sweeps, RADAR sweeps. Categories are as follows: animal (787 annotations), (208240), human.pedestrian.child (2066), human.pedestrian.construction_worker (9161), human.pedestrian.personal_mobility (395), human.pedestrian.police_officer (727), human.pedestrian.stroller (1072), human.pedestrian.wheelchair (503), movable_object.barrier (152087), movable_object.debris (3016), movable_object.pushable_pullable (24605), movable_object.trafficcone (97959), vehicle.bicycle (11859), vehicle.bus.bendy (1820), vehicle.bus.rigid (14501), (493322), (14671), vehicle.emergency.ambulance (49) vehicle.emergency.police (638), vehicle.motorcycle (12617), vehicle.trailer (24860), vehicle.truck (88519), static_object.bicycle_rack* (2713). Attributes are as follows: vehicle.moving (149203), vehicle.stopped (65975), vehicle.parked (420226), cycle.with_rider (7331), cycle.without_rider (17345), pedestrian.sitting_lying_down (13939), pedestrian.standing (46530), pedestrian.moving (157444).
Dataset has missing values False