National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 2015 Traffic Fatalities Dataset

2015 traffic fatalities files released by the (NHTSA) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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Field Value
Source National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Maintainer Kathryn Henry
Version 3.0
Collection Period 2015
Geographical Area USA
Number of Instances 97,300
Package Description STATE:State Number (See: FARS User's Manual, page 26). ST_CASE: Unique Identifier (for the given year) Constructed from STATE + 4-Digit Consecutive Number. VE_TOTAL: Number of Vehicle Forms submitted. ALL VE_FORMS: Number of Motor Vehicles in Transport. PVH_INVL: Number of Parked/Working Vehicles. PEDS: Number of Forms Submitted for Persons Not in Motor Vehicles. PERNOTMVIT: Number of Persons Not in Motor Vehicles in Transport (MVIT). PERMVIT: Number of Persons in Motor Vehicles in Transport (MVIT). PERSONS: Number of Forms Submitted for Persons in Motor Vehicles. COUNTY: County. CITY: City. DAY: Day of Crash. MONTH: Month of Crash. YEAR: Year of Crash. DAY_WEEK: Day of Week. HOUR: Hour of Crash. MINUTE: Minute of Crash. NHS: whether it is national highway system. RUR_URB: land use. FUNC_SYS: functional system whether highway or local etc. RD_OWNER: road ownership. ROUTE: the route signing of the trafficway on which the crash occurred. TWAY_ID: Traffic way identifier. TWAY_ID2: Traffic way identifier - along with TWAY_ID to identify the intersection. MILEPT: Mile point. LATITUDE: Geographical Location of crash 1. LONGITUD: Geographical Location of crash 2. SP_JUR. HARM_EV. MAN_COLL. RELJCT1. RELJCT2. TYP_INT. WRK_ZONE. REL_ROAD. LGT_COND. WEATHER1. WEATHER2. WEATHER. SCH_BUS: School Bus. RAIL: Railway Accident. NOT_HOUR. NOT_MIN. ARR_HOUR. ARR_MIN. HOSP_HR. HOSP_MN. CF1. CF2. CF3. FATALS: Death By Crash. DRUNK_DR: Drunk Driver/Drink & Drive.
Dataset has missing values False