Leddar PixSet Dataset

Leddar PixSet is a new, publicly available dataset for autonomous driving R&D that contains data from a full AV sensor suite (Cameras, LiDARs, Radar, IMU), and includes full-waveform data from the Leddar Pixell, a 3D solid-state flash LiDAR sensor. PixSet provides an opportunity for 3D computer vision to go beyond LiDAR point clouds with a full-waveform LiDAR dataset. User must sign up on the LeddarTech site to access the PixSet Dataset.

Data and Resources

Additional Info

Field Value
Source https://leddartech.com/solutions/leddar-pixset-dataset/
Author LeddarTech
Maintainer LeddarTech
Number of Instances 97
Package Description Includes full-waveform data from 3D solid-state flash LiDAR,29k frames in 97 sequences, with more than 1.3 M 3D boxes annotated, Data from an autonomous vehicle’s comprehensive sensor suite, Various environments, weather conditions, and times of day and Open-source API and dataset viewer
Dataset has missing values False