DAVIS Driving Dataset 2017 (DDD17)

DDD17 is the first public end-to-end training dataset of automotive driving using a DAVIS event+frame camera. It includes car data such as steering, throttle, GPS, etc. It can be used to evaluate the fusion of frame and event data for automobile driving applications.

Data and Resources

Additional Info

Field Value
Maintainer J. Binas
Number of Instances 5 driving sequences
Package Description steering_wheel_angle, torque_at_transmission, engine_speed, vehicle_speed, accelerator_pedal_position, parking_brake_status, brake_pedal_status, transmission_gear_position, odometer, ignition_status, fuel_level, fuel_consumed_since_restart, headlamp_status, high_beam_status, windshield_wiper_status, latitude, longitude
Number of Attributes 17
Dataset has missing values False