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  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 2015 Traffic Fatalitie...

    2015 traffic fatalities files released by the (NHTSA) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  • 1.6 million UK traffic and accident data

    The UK government amassed traffic data from 2000 through 2016, recording over 1.6 million accidents in the process and making this one of the most comprehensive traffic datasets...
  • Vehicle Collisions in NYC 2015-2016 Dataset

    The motor vehicle collision database includes the date and time, location (as borough, street names, zip code and latitude and longitude coordinates), injuries and fatalities,...
  • York Roads

    A representation of York Region's road network centreline featuring address ranges and street names, along with other attribute information for all elements of the road network.
  • Speed Limits

    This feature class contains unofficial speed limit data for all of the roadway segments within the City of London. Speed Limit data is provided for information purposes only....
  • Road Edges

    A linear feature class representing the edge of roadways within the municipal boundaries of the City of London as identified through aerial imagery.
  • Traffic Volumes

    This layer is maintained generally once per year by processing the Single Line Road Network with the Roadway Lighting and Traffic Control departments TES data. As a result there...
  • Hamilton Traffic FTMS Cameras

    Location of the Freeway Traffic Management System (FTMS) Cameras in Hamilton.
  • Hamilton Street Centreline

    Street network in Hamilton, including bridges and tunnels. Represents the centreline of the street.
  • Traffic, Driving Style and Road Surface Condition

    Low-level parameters acquired by the car via OBD-II and through the micro-devices embedded in the user smartphone, with the goal of accurately characterizing the overall system...
  • GPS data from Rio de Janeiro buses

    This dataset comprises 56 days of GPS data collect from all available buses in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Is a huge dataset that can provide meaningful insights...
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