1.6 million UK traffic and accident data

The UK government amassed traffic data from 2000 through 2016, recording over 1.6 million accidents in the process and making this one of the most comprehensive traffic datasets out there.

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Field Value
Source UK Department of Transport
Maintainer Unknown Maintainer
Version 10
Associated Tasks Visualization
Collection Period 2000-2016
Geographical Area United Kingdom
Number of Instances 1,600,000
Package Description Accident_Index: Unique ID. Location_Easting_OSGR: Local British coordinates x-value. Location_Northing_OSGR: Local British coordinates y-value. Longitude. Latitude. Police_Force Accident_Severity: 1 = Fatal, 2 = Serious, 3 = Slight. Number_of_Vehicles. Number_of_Casualties. Date In dd/mm/yyyy format. Day_of_Week Numeric: 1 for Sunday, 2 for Monday, and so on. Time: Time the accident was reported, in UTC+0. Local_Authority_(District). Local_Authority_(Highway). 1st_Road_Class: This field is only used for junctions. 1st_Road_Number: This field is only used for junctions. Road_Type: Some options are Roundabout, One Way, Dual Carriageway, Single Carriageway, Slip Road, Unknown. Speed_limit. Junction_Detail: Some options are Crossroads, Roundabouts, Private Roads, Not a Junction. Junction_Control: A person, a type of sign, automated, etc. 2nd_Road_Class: This field is only used for junctions. 2nd_Road_Number: This field is only used for junctions. Pedestrian_Crossing-Human_Control: Was there a human controller and what type? Pedestrian_Crossing-Physical_Facilities: Was it a zebra crossing, or bridge, or another type? Light_Conditions: Day, night, street lights or not. Weather_Conditions: Wind, rain, snow, fog. Road_Surface_Conditions: Wet, snow, ice, flood. Special_Conditions_at_Site: Was anything broken or defective, e.g. an obscured sign? Carriageway_Hazards: Was something in the way, e.g. a pedestrian, another accident, something in the road? Urban_or_Rural_Area. Did_Police_Officer_Attend_Scene_of_Accident. LSOA_of_Accident_Location Year.
Dataset has missing values False